Our wide knowledge about the diversity of airlines, routes, types and sizes of aircrafts, load capacity, restrictions, advantages and operational procedures, makes us ideal for regular and urgent services.

We offer a fast and reliable logistic service that anticipates the different needs of specialized logistic, always on time and in perfect condition.

  • Standard / Guaranteed: Ideal service for those who need a constant flow of air transport. We consolidate merchandise and allow greater flexibility in loading and cost optimization.
  • Critical Load: Do you need to transport merchandise quickly? Do you have a load with special features? We carry your load in the best suitable transport. More than your logistics operator, we want to be your strategic ally.
  • Charter: Response time?, Special type of airplane requiered for your cargo needs? With VH Global Logistics you'll get a response in 1-2 hours for domestic or international services.
  • Hand Carrier: For critical shipments that cannot travel alone, there is always a professional ready to deliver your freight wherever it needs to be at the right time. We are your personal assistants for your international cargoes.


Our land transportation service offers maximum speed and integral monitoring.

We are the shortest and safest distance to the destination of your freight, we offer various services to customers with commercial operations in the USA and Central America. By land, VH Global Logistics: fast, responsible and safe.

  • FTL (Ful Truck Load): Transport of entire 53Ft trailers with direct or transship service. It is the ideal transport for high volumes of products with specific characteristics. It offers exclusivity, cargo customization and punctuality in delivery.
  • LTL (Less Truck Load): Consolidated load, ideal for low load volumes with general transit times.
  • Hot shot: Are you racing against the clock? Available 24/7, 365, reliable, fast and personalized. 100% dedicated and adaptable service to the characteristics of your business.


International Operations? At VH Global Logistics, we know that each load is different, therefore, we adapt to your ocean freight by designing a specialized logistic suited to your needs.

In long distances, it is the most competitive transport. We are your most profitable strategic solution to cross the seas of over the world. You should try out our quality maritime solutions and services.

  • LCL (Less than Container Load): The right option for low dimensional loads; sharing containers with other merchandise allows for an efficient groupage.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): Ideal for large dimensional loads; the merchandise directly from your warehouse to the importer's. Comfort for your freight, security for your company.
  • Break Bulk, Open Top and Flat Rack: Regardless of the volume or weight of your freight, at VH Global Logistics, we can take it to his final destination on time and in perfect condition.